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21-Days Breathwork Practice with Michael Gannon

21-Days Breathwork Practice with Michael Gannon

Short, Sweet, Simple, and Powerful!

Why Breathwork?

In the 25 years that I've had the opportunity to practice yoga, meditation and pranayama, by far the most powerful for my body and mind and for all those that I get to share with over the years, is the pranayama. It is the most universal and the easiest to use no matter what level your experience is.

-Michael Gannon

What is 21-Days Breathwork Practice?

This 21-Day Pranayama Program is designed to give you increased energy, better focus and more powerful intentions. This digital program includes:

  • Introduction video with program details
  • 21-Days of practice videos
  • PDF file with basic breathwork theory, special excerpts from Gannon´s book, Ashtanga Yoga Made Simple, and a daily practice journal to guage your experience and progress

All this for only $21 USD

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Michael's Blog

19 March 2016
Happy New Day Yoga Tribe!Today is a very special day! It is Monday, the start of the new week, after the very important and powerful weekend we just had. We just witnessed a New Moon and the Spring Equinox and a Solar Eclipse all in the same weekend. This weekend was obviously one of those very ausp...

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